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The composition of the system solution
◆Schematic design
Through the analysis of customer needs, combined with operating conditions and industry characteristics, and cooperation with customers, Heroes will determine the hydraulic control plan, determine the technical parameters and requirements of the hydraulic system, and formulate hydraulic schematic diagrams and control diagrams.
◆System Design
According to the output of the schematic design, Hero will determine the composition of the system function modules, complete the component selection and the technical requirements of the unit products.
◆Unit product design
According to the technical requirements of the system design, Hero will draw 3D space diagrams and 2D engineering diagrams of unit products, compile technical documents required in the process of product realization, and documents for product manufacturing, testing and inspection.
◆Construction plan design
According to the characteristics of the product and the actual situation and conditions of the user site, Hero can prepare a construction plan and develop an appropriate technical plan.
◆Professional technical and production team
◆Dust-free assembly and debugging workshop
◆Professional Pipeline Prefabrication Center
Installment and debugging
◆Professional electromechanical hydraulic oil commissioning team
◆Professional plumbing engineering, electrical engineering, installation engineering
◆Professional on-site engineers are configured to realize unified management and coordination
Training Services
◆Hydraulic basic knowledge training
◆Maintenance and repair training of systems, hydraulic unit products and hydraulic components
◆System operation training
After-sales service
We are committed to life-long maintenance of our products, with one year free warranty
With a professional engineering and technical team, product testing, maintenance and other basic support equipment and sufficient key component inventory, we ensure a quick maintenance response.
◆Hero's new customer service concept
By launching the Tencent WeChat account of the customer service public as a window for after-sales information exchange with customers, the hero will keep abreast of the status of the equipment and provide the first after-sales service.
Establish life-long service files for each Hero customer and product. We ensure that we accurately understand customer needs and equipment parameters without customers worrying about parameter confirmation.
Due to the unique advantages of heavy load, high power and flexible control, hydraulic drive systems have been widely used in industrial control systems. The electro-hydraulic servo system uses hydraulic servo valves to convert the small power of electrical signals into large hydraulic power, thereby realizing intelligent control of certain heavy machinery and equipment.
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